Top 10 Cricketing Records That Will Never Be Broken

From centuries to wickets, catches to runs, the sport of cricket has seen some incredible moments that will go down in history. Cricket is one of the most popular sports, with millions of fans and participants worldwide. Over the years, many excellent players have Cricketing records and accomplished incredible exploits on the field.

Cricketing Records That Will Never Be Broken

Even though many more records have been broken over the years, a few have stood the test of time and have not been broken. The fact that these unbeatable records still stand today is a testament to the athletes’ skill, perseverance, and bravery. The top 10 cricketing records that have never been broken will be discussed in this article. 

Sachin Tendulkar (34,357 Runs And 100 Centuries)

First on our list is Sachin Tendulkar, a huge, talented, and one of the most successful batters in history. In every format, Sachin has a ton of Cricketing records and statistics.

In the course of his career, Sachin has amassed 34,357 runs and 100 hundreds for his nation. The records are simply amazing to watch. Even we are unable to consider shattering these records. Sachin is known as the “GOD” for good reason.

19 wickets in a Test Match

Strange, but real. Jim Laker, an English cricketer, take 19 wickets in one test match he played against Australia in 1956. The bowler’s feat of bowling 68 overs in the game while only allowing 90 runs was amazing. Even after all these years, the facts remain the same.

When the highest wickets ever taken by a cricketer in a test match are discussed, it takes first place. Although Yasir Shah take 14 wickets in 2018, the record set by Laker is still and is anticipated to stand indefinitely.

200 Test Matches

IPLs appear to be more popular than the Ranji Trophy or first-class cricket because young players are more interested in the sport’s shortest format. However, nothing compares to the sport’s longest format, and many consider test matches to be the ideal game format.

In addition, Master Blaster Sachin Tendulkar’s record of playing 200 test matches over the course of a 24-year career is difficult to overlook while discussing test matches. Ricky Ponting’s 168 matches do not enter the chart until after him.

World Cup Hattrick Wins

Australia set a record by winning three straight 50-over World Cups in 1999, 2003, and 2007. The other two were captained by Ricky Ponting, while the other three were led by Ricky Steve Waugh.

The previous wicketkeeper of the squad scored 50+ runs in each of the three World Cup Finals for the same match, breaking an additional record. The latter’s record is also thought to be unbreakable. For one side to qualify for the World Cup finals three times in a row, it is pretty difficult.

Captaining at the age of 50

Dr. William Gilbert Grace was the first cricketing records to achieve fame. He was the oldest man to captain England when he did so at the age of 50. This record has been solid since 1899, and it appears improbable that anyone will surpass it. Dr.

William Gilbert Grace’s outstanding accomplishment not only cemented his place as a cricket legend but also irrevocably altered the course of the game’s history. His outstanding leadership qualities and unmatched longevity in the game continue to serve as an inspiration to cricketers around the world.

50+ runs in three WC Finals

Making the World Cup Final is a feat in and of itself, but being a batsman with three consecutive 50+ scores cricketing records. Credit goes to Adam Gilchrist as his two half-centuries and three hundreds in the final will be hard to beat.

International wicket without bowling

India’s Virat Kohli holds the distinction of becoming the first player to take a wicket without ever pitching a ball. In a T20I, he dismissed Kevin Pietersen by stumping him with a wide ball.

This incident happened in 2011 during an England-India game. Pietersen was caught off guard by Kohli’s fast thinking behind the wickets, which led to a surprise dismissal.

Lowest ODI Economy Rate

Phil Simmons’ Test career didn’t do the gifted all-rounder justice, but thanks to his remarkable return in an ODI against Pakistan in 1992, the West Indian’s name is set to live on forever. It is amazing to think that only three runs were cost by Trinidadian during his entire 10-over stint, which resulted in four wickets.

The insane economy rate of Simmons of 0.30 will never be surpassed, especially in this era of extremely aggressive hitting inspired by T20.

Most Balls Delivered in a Single Innings

Sonny Ramadhin’s herculean efforts against England in 1957 at Edgbaston must have necessitated an ice bath. In the second inning, the spinner bowled 98 overs, the most ever bowled in an inning.

Ray Price of Zimbabwe ground through 79 overs in a 2001 Test match against South Africa, which is the closest anyone has recently been.

Top 10 Cricket Matches That Changed the Game

Shortest-Ever Test Match

If you had purchased tickets for the fifth day of the 1932 Test match between Australia and South Africa in Melbourne, you would have been let down. Similarly, the game on a dangerous wicket was over in five hours and 53 minutes on the fifth, third, second, and even the first day.

With Bert Ironmonger’s 11 for 24, South Africa was defeated by Australia’s enormous 153-point total after being removed for 36 and 45. Nowadays, the game would have most certainly been canceled.


While cricket continues to evolve, certain Cricketing records are destined to remain unbroken, standing as a testament to the brilliance of the players who achieved them.

These records serve as a source of inspiration for generations to come and showcase the exceptional talent that has graced the gentleman’s game over the years.

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